2009-10-06 20:56:26 by aloneagainfriend

I'm trying to fav as many Tower Def, Side scrollin Beat 'em up, & Run -n- Gun games as I can... Just check the favs. Anyone got good links or Ideas?

well now

2009-08-24 20:21:32 by aloneagainfriend

I guess i get to stay :)

It's all over!

2009-08-15 03:23:52 by aloneagainfriend

PLZ just forget this post :P


2009-07-10 18:35:58 by aloneagainfriend

GUESS WHAT PEOPLE! I NEED HELP! Seriously... i can use FL 7 & 8, Mixcraft, Jezzkola Buzz, GSnap (4 vocals), & Famitracker. I also play Drums, Bass, Keys (of corse), and nething else u put infront of me... So, If ur willing 2 help, just message me =D

Alot of the junk up is just that... JUNK! it was never good enuff but i needed storage space. Then i started messing wit the sampler... ... ...so 2 prevent creating a 3rd account, im trashin alot of it. I'll put it up soon.